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2018 FrostBuster Lacrosse Shootout Rules


These pages detail general tournament rules as well as specific rules for each level of play.

High School Rules

All games will be played under 2018 National Federation of High School Rules (available at:  https://www.nfhs.org/activities-sports/lacrosse-boys/) with the general tournament variations as outlined below.

General Rules

The following will apply to all levels of play:

  • Goals - The goals provided by the tournament will be used.  The tournament staff will repair any holes in the netting before each game.
  • Equipment - The tournament will supply a table, chairs, horn, timing device, and scoreboard.
  • Team responsibilities – Each team must provide a responsible person (not the host site) for each game the team is involved to complete timer and/or scorekeeper duties
  • Pre-game procedures - A coach’s certification and line-up will be conducted before each game at all levels of play.  A coin toss will be conducted for all levels.
  • Game time - Games will consist of four 12-minute stop-time quarters, with 10 minutes between halves and 2 minutes between other periods.
  • Tie games - If a pool play, round robin game is tied at the end of regulation the game will be recorded as a tie, there will be no overtimes or tie breakers during the round robin pool games.  For bracketed games on Sunday, tie games will be followed by four-minute stop-time sudden-victory OT periods played until a goal is scored.
  • Time-outs - The clock stops for timeouts.  Each team is allowed two 2-minute Timeouts per half.
  • Profanity - No profanity is permitted by players or coaches.  The minimum penalty is a 1:00 NR USC foul.  There is 3:00 NR expulsion foul and a suspension if a player or coach gets a second NR USC foul in the same game.
  • Penalties - Penalty time will be 100% of the usual time.  Penalty time begins when the whistle blows to restart play.  If a penalty expires during a dead ball, the player is not released until the whistle blows to restart play.  Penalties do not run when the clock is not running.
  • Protective gear - All standard protective gear is required (mouth guards, shoes, gloves, helmets for all players; chest protector and throat protector for goalies; arm pads and shoulder pads for other players).  Helmets must be NOCSAE-approved for American teams and NOCSAE or Canadian Standards Association-approved for Canadian teams.  Mouth guards must cover all upper or all lower teeth and must be worn properly inside the mouth.
  • Routine equipment checks - Will be performed only in stopped-clock situations.  In games involving international teams, checks will be performed but the only penalties issued will be for personal equipment issues, deep pockets or for failure of one of the four rollout tests (throat, scoop, left side, right side).  Neither team will be penalized for measurement issues if either team in the game is an international team.
  • Coach-requested equipment checks - Will be performed subject to NFHS rules.  For these checks, the clock may be stopped at the official’s discretion, and must be stopped in the last two minutes of the game.  In games involving international teams, checks will be performed but the only penalties issued will be as explained above for routine checks.



The Tournament Committee is final authority on division and pool assignments.

The following criteria will be used for seeding after pool play:

  1. Total points (2 for regulation win, 1 for a regulation tie, 0 for regulation loss).
  2. Total points (as in 1 above) in head-to-head games among tied teams.
  3. Fewest overall goals against.
  4. Fewest goals against in games involving tied teams.
  5. Coin flip.

If there are three or more tied teams and at any stage a team is eliminated but other teams remain tied, the tiebreaking procedure begins again without the eliminated team.

Note that “Goals scored” and “Goal differential” are not used at any point, so there is no legitimate reason to run up the score against any opponent.


Ejected players

Ejected players will be suspended for the remainder of the game the offense was committed in plus the next game for the first offense.  A second ejection during the tournament will result in the player being disqualified from the remainder of the tournament.  Tournament staff decisions on ejections and suspensions are final, and there are no appeals and no refunds.